A portrait can forever capture, a precious moment in time - whether it's the first smile of a new baby, the happiness of a bride and groom, the knowing smile that tells of decades of love, or perhaps the twinkle in your beloved pets eye.

Diane J. Maroun of Crescent Studios specializes in traditional oil and watercolor portraits that bring to life the true spirit of your special someone.
For over 15 years, Diane has created beautiful portraits of both people and animals using techniques of the masters. From a photograph or live subject, Diane's paintings "literally glow - offering a depth, richness, and quality of tone much like the work of Sargent or Bouguereau's".

Let Diane Maroun create a lasting memory of your loved one or pet that is sure to become a future family heirloom. Commission a portrait today - it's easier than you think! Simply contact Diane at Crescent Studios for an initial consultation or visit the online information form.

Interested in viewing a sample of Diane's work? Visit the portfolio page or Shows page featuring a listing of upcoming events.

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